Is there anything more captivating than a dancer?

Watch Audrey at work and you’ll answer with a definitive nope.

Audrey exudes grace, and her background as a classic and contemporary dancer and musician gives her a singular point of view on directing. Her work fuses a culture of sensations, using movement, body, and rhythm as key components in the entrancing visual stories she tells.

Her spots offer a tactile level of engagement rarely seen in this space, both physical, sensorial and cinematic, to which she likes to add a surreal edge with the use of VFX. Audrey and her camera trip the light fantastic in a perfect pas de deux… her lens is an agile companion that dances along with the subject, builds tension and provides the sensual and intense energy she craves in her work.

As a multi-disciplinary talent – director, writer, art director and movement director – Audrey will often develop most of her carefully choreographed film from A to Z.