Welcome to film production paradise – and paradise in general.

Mauritius is a stunning volcanic island, #blessed with azure waters, stunning beaches, and palm trees that will try to drop a coconut on your head the moment you drop your guard.

Beyond the obvious natural splendour and beautiful weather, Mauritius also has so much to offer to film and stills productions.

The island boasts a wide range of locations, including beaches, forests, throwback French and British colonial architecture, as well as modern urban and commercial settings like the fast-developing Cybercity, and plentiful agricultural locations like sugarcane and tea fields.

Culturally, the island is diverse as it comes, creating a talent pool with a variety of languages and looks. The production support is top-notch and the island’s infrastructure is well-maintained.

Hotels are plentiful and geared for the thriving tourist industry, the cuisine is excellent, the weather is great, and can you tell by now that we really like Mauritius?

In short, Mauritius offers a pocket-friendly solution to many productions, and that’s why Bravo Zulu is there. We hope to welcome you there, too.